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SHREDDIT – Data Eraser

SHREDDIT – Data Eraser is a data eraser App that securely deletes all your files and leaves them unrecoverable. This Data Eraser App protects your data from falling into malicious hands and deletes it permanently.

You can permanently delete massive data in just a few seconds using a quick shredding algorithm. This technique is specially designed for optimized windows and deletes internal and external storage data more reliably and efficiently.

SHREDDIT Eraser App uses advanced technology for deleting data to yield greater time efficiency. The software has no background service and is perfectly safe for your resources. SHREDDIT has many shredding data techniques developed and improved after decades of research.

If you are having any trouble regarding Free space data, then SHREDDIT will easily shred all of the Free Space files from your device and make them non-recoverable. It has easy access to your media gallery; it shreds your photos and videos completely; you will see the thumbnail in the gallery, don’t worry about that because all of the data have deleted.


  • SHREDDIT has a high-standard data sanitization technique.
  • It has advanced shredding techniques; like US DOD 5220.22, Russian GOST P50739 (2 passes), German VSITR (7 passes), Zero Filler, Random Filler (Pseudo Random Numbers), One Filler (Secure Erase), British HMG IS5 (3 passes), and NIST 800-88 (2 Pass).
  • It has a very lightweight file explorer to access your media files easily.
  • SHREDDIT has a potent combination with your file manager and quickly deletes unnecessary files.
  • It has a preview feature of your data that you want to erase permanently.
  • You can use the Data Eraser App from any desired browser, like Photo Manager or Google Photos.
  • It has dual themes of light and dark modes.
  • You can select your desired language interface.
  • SHREDDIT Eraser lets you get the maximum out of a shredder with a detailed user Guide.
  • On every update, it improves the file manager user interface.
  • It does multiple shredding jobs on more than one Storage simultaneously.
  • It allows you to select your desired file from any browser and then share it with SHREDDER to delete it.
  • The built-in file explorer shows thumbnails in media files to provide insight into deleting files.

How to Use SHREDDIT Data

Eraser App?

SHREDDIT Data Eraser is an excellent App for deleting your data permanently from your device. If you are selling your mobile phone or giving it to your friends or family member, you must erase all of your data and files from your mobile to make it perfect for new owners.

SHREDDIT Data Eraser has complete access to your mobile gallery and other file manager Apps; it shreds your data more efficiently and reliably. You can see what is happening and how much time it takes. It is effortless to use; you must follow some simple steps to delete data from your device.

  • If you do not have the SHREDDIT Data Eraser App on your mobile, download it first.
  • After downloading, open the App, and you will see a Free Space Option on Home Screen, click on it.
  • After that, select internal Storage, and the App will start calculating how much free space you have to wipe.
  • Click on Continue, and select Shredding Algorithm.
  • Confirm that you want to proceed with NATO Standard and BSU TL-0342, which perform seven and eight passes; they take a long time but are the most thorough.
  • SHREDDIT will start erasing Free Space data, which becomes unrecoverable.
  • While erasing, your phone might work slowly due to the process of shredding, but after some time, your data will be erased permanently.

Pros of Shreddit – Data Eraser

  • It is a very easy to use App.
  • You can delete your data in just a few simple steps.
  • It can easily wipe the internal and external Storage of your device.
  • It provides you a strong overwrite pattern and also several overwrites.
  • SHREDDIT is a perfect choice for multi-platform lifestyles.
  • It has simple instructions that help you to shred data in less than a minute.
  • It gives you an accurate status display through which you can easily see what is happening in your device and how much time it will take.

Cons of Shreddit – Data Eraser

  • After deleting the data, it cannot recover it again.
  • It is not available for all devices.
  • Sometimes it shows unnecessary malicious ads, which are too much annoying.
  • It sometimes stops automatically.




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