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Call Recorder – Cube ACR Apk Download

Call Recorder – Cube ACR

Call Recorder – Cube ACR is a call recording app with advanced technology that allows you to quickly and efficiently record all your outgoing and incoming calls and VoIP conversations. Cube ACR Call Recorder helps you to record your calls in almost all versions of Android Mobiles.

If you have tried many applications for Call Recordings but did not get satisfactory results but still looking for the best one, then Cube ACR Call Recorder is best for you. It works best for its users.

Cube ACR Call Recorder is the best tool that records all your important calls and saves them on your mobile for you to listen to whenever you want. You have to give it all the permissions after opening it. It will get access to all your contacts and their incoming and outgoing calls, so whenever you get any call from them or give them a call, it will record all your conversations on your device for you.

Cube ACR is the best application that gives the results you expect. It is an excellent application for recording your important business or non-business calls.


  • It automatically starts recording your calls without opening the Recorder App.
  • You can also choose which call should be recorded and which should not.
  • It has a recording tab where you can find all of your recordings.
  • It allows you to give any name to your files so that you can find them easily by their name.
  • Cube ACR Call Recorder allows you to send your recording to another person.
  • It allows you to delete the recording permanently that you have sent to another person.
  • It never asks for permission on every call; it automatically starts recording.
  • Cube ACR Call Recorder allows you to record incoming and outcoming calls.
  • There is no time limit for recording calls; you can record long conversations.
  • It has a quick speaker-switching feature in which you bring the phone close to your ear; it switches automatically from loudspeaker to ear-speaker mode.
  • You can select your essential contacts, and Cube ACR Call Recorder will filter them and quickly start recording when they call you.
  • Cube ACR Call Recorder also records the calls of Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, and other VoIP conversations.
  • It also has a premium account; with a premium account, you can save these recordings in your mobile storage or on the cloud.
  • It also has a Pin-Protect feature which will protect all of your recordings.


How does Cube ACR Call

Recorder Works?

Cube ACR Call Recorder allows its users to record incoming and outgoing calls. It offers various recording options, making your calls easy and quick to record. The App can be installed easily and quickly on your device, whatever you are using. The Cube ACR Call Recorder quickly tracks the words of the caller person and records them.

If you are wondering how you will use this App, here is the procedure. You don’t have to go anywhere for your answers; follow the steps and get your desired results.

  • If you do not have Call Recorder App, download it from Play Store.
  • After downloading, open the App.
  • Click on the three-dot menu and select the settings.
  • In settings, click on Call Recording, and you will see various options asking you which calls you want to record.
  • Tap on selected numbers, and then turn on ‘’Always record Selected Number’’.
  • On the top-right corner, click Add, and select the contact numbers you want to record.
  • Now click on Always Record.
  • From now, all incoming and outgoing calls of selected numbers will be recorded automatically.
  • Suppose you want to listen to a recorded call, then open the history in all Recorder; you will find all your recordings there.

Pros of Call Recorder Cube ACR

  • It works perfectly on most devices.
  • Cube ACR Call Recorder can record WhatsApp, Viber, and VoIP calls.
  • It records all conversations in HD quality.
  • It is very user-friendly and satisfactory.
  • Cube ACR can record both sides of the conversation.
  • Cube ACR easily and quickly record conversations without getting stuck.

Cons of Call Recorder Cube ACR

  • Sometimes, it does not record the two-way conversation correctly.
  • It crashes at random from time to time.
  • Cube ACR shows slow results sometimes.
  • It is not compatible with some devices.
  • It did not recover your deleted recordings from the history.




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