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Google Photos

Google Photos is a place where you can add all your photos and videos from your gallery. It organizes the media automatically according to the photo type. If there are some documents, they will be arranged in a separate folder saying documents. Selfies have a separate folder, and videos will have another folder. You can easily share the data from Google Photos with all other social media applications. This official Google application update is according to the latest way of photography.

Google Photos has multiple essential features, such as shared albums, through which you can create a separate album and share it with your friends via email. This way, they can see your photos in your Google Photo application. Google Photos also enables automatic creation and has an advanced editing suite. Google account has 15 GB of storage to upload media. You can turn the backup on to save the data automatically. You can save this high-quality or original media and access it online through any device connected to your email on


  • Google Photos has plenty of space, 15 GB to save your photos and videos.
  • With your login, you can access all this data on Google Photos from any device.
  • You can share pictures and videos with your friends by adding their emails to Google Photos.
  • These photos are safe and kept private unless you share them with your friends by adding their email.
  • All the data stored in Google Photos is stored and backed up so you can access it easily.
  • You do not have to worry about space on Google Photos; after backing up the data, you can delete the media from the application. It will be saved automatically in your email.
  • It has a fantastic feature of automatic creation. This feature helps bring your photos to life by creating perfect and beautiful movies and collages of your images.
  • It uses artificial intelligence to track a particular event, and all the related images from that period are collected to make a video or a collage.
  • It also tracks your location and helps create slideshows of pictures on holiday.
  • Google Photos has an advanced editing suite, which enables transforming photos into a beautiful collection with just a click.
  • It has intuitive and robust photo editing tools that help edit your pictures, such as adjusting the light, adding filters, and applying content-aware themes to your pictures.
  • Google Photos allows a fast and powerful search by allowing people to search pictures and videos uploaded by you on the application without any tagging.
  • You can create your photo book on Google Photos by using some trip photos to make it a memory.
  • Google Photos has a feature of Google Lens through which you can easily make hard-to-describe stuff found. You can add a photo that will tell you what it is in minutes.

How to use Google Photos?

Google Photos is simple to use. Download the application from your google play store, turn on backup, and sync from the setting. Log into your Google account in the application and get started. You can choose the quality and backup image quantity. You can easily add photos without a problem by rapidly typing, holding, and dragging the images.

Pros of Google Photos

  • Google Photos is a great tool and allows you to search for backed-up images easily.
  • It has a powerful search engine that helps you find specific photos.
  • It uses artificial intelligence to sort images into categories depending on time and facial recognition. AI makes a separate folder for a person; you can name it later.
  • Google Photos has an unlimited backup option; this helps you keep storing images inside without the doubt of losing your essential data.
  • Its segregated features, like automatic creations and an advanced editing suite, are incredible.
  • You can share libraries with Google Photos by allowing a trusted person to access all your data.


  • There is a limit to the file size added in Google Photos, such as a picture should not be more than 16 megapixels, and a video not be more than 1080p HD Quality.
  • If the pictures are from a phone at 20 megapixels, they will be saved at 16 megapixels to save up some space.
  • Google Photos’ editing feature is not advanced, as it has many features such as cybernetic enhancement, filters, and other options like contrast and saturation. But it does not have layer editing, masking of the image, or text overlays.



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