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Google Sheets Apk Download For Android

Google Sheets

Google sheets allow you to edit, create and collaborate on spreadsheets on your mobile phones. This feature was previously limited to windows and laptops, but you can access all the features of google sheets in your pocket. It is a version of the official google spreadsheet tool that works effectively on android mobile phones. With its help, you can save thousands of data on your mobile without having access to your laptop or PC.

After downloading the application from your play store, you can work on the spreadsheet if you have internet or not. You can work on a sheet as long as you want on your mobile phone without an internet connection and still save changes that will directly upload to your mobile internal memory. There are many other features of this application given in detail below;


  • It helps create a spreadsheet and edit the files already on the spreadsheet.
  • You can share this spreadsheet via e-mail or any other social media application while working on it.
  • All the changes made in the file by one person are visible to the other person on the same spreadsheet where they are sharing a file.
  • This file only becomes accessible once the creator allows you to see it.
  • These spreadsheets are encrypted and password protected by the owner.
  • This application allows you to work anywhere, even offline, via mobile phone.
  • You can add any comment on the Google sheets or respond to the given comment on the sheet.
  • You can do multiple functions on Google sheets, such as sort data, format cells, enter data, view charts, insert formulas, use and replace, and many more functions that make your life easier.
  • Google sheets make you not worry about your work as it keeps saving even if you are offline.
  • You can quickly get the insight, insert charts and apply thousands of formulas on sheets with little suggestions.
  • Many formulas on Google sheets help you save time, such as if, sum, subtract, dropdown, etc.
  • Just open, edit and save excel files on Google sheets.
  • This application has become a part of the google workplace, where teams of hundreds of millions of people save their data with little effort.

Why Does Your Business Need Google Sheets?

Every business needs to store, edit, and create data on their projects, employees, and meetings. Google sheets store all this data. It is essential for the success of your business that everything I organized is easy for you to check and balance. Google sheets help in this organizing and keeping track of everything.

If you want to keep track of inventory, sales, attendance, grades, expenses, and many other things, you can use Google sheets. Google sheets help analyze your data to see if there is any error or redundancy. They are easy to work with and completely customizable. Business meetings require multiple graphs and charts with different templates and color coding; you can do this on Google sheets.

Pros of Google sheets

  • You can easily share sheets between your team of partners and workers.
  • Google sheets also allow chatting with your friends on the same spreadsheet.
  • You can still create, view and edit files in offline mode whenever you want.
  • Google sheets work with Google AI, making the work swift and effective.
  • Google sheets use different business-critical tools to analyze your data.
  • Google sheets help in building custom solutions.
  • It has become a part of every person’s mobile phone because it is free and saves time.
  • Google sheets have a dashboard where you can easily view the essential information or changes made by anyone in the sheet.
  • You can decide who can have access to your file, or you can change your share setting to allow the person to see the sheet.

Cons of Google sheets

  • Google sheets are not secure; people with the link to the sheet can spread it, and anyone can see it.
  • Sometimes you can not see who has edited the sheet.
  • Spreadsheets are prone to errors
  • There can be multiple versions of the truth if people keep amending the same data.

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