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Echo is a basic audio recorder with immediate playback. The voice-echo effect is now optional. Press the record button to create a recording, then let go to hear it play again. An echo voice recorder helps you record your voice or any music file, and you can instantly play it.

You can play that recorded file multiple times as much as you want to listen. Click on the replay button if you want to start over the recording when it is already playing, and it will start from the top. This application also has a reset option to delete the previous recording.


Echo sustains multiple worthy features:

  • It creates an echo effect in your voice recording.
  • It allows you to record audio as much as you like.
  • The echo app also has the option to turn the echo on or off. This option enables the application to play the recording in its original form.
  • The echo app gives you multiple options, including adjusting the pitch and a sample of your recording, and helps maintain the pitch of your sound.
  • It has a replay option; you can play a single recording repeatedly.
  • You can name the recording whatever you choose.
  • You can share this recording with your friends and family.
  • You can add sound effects to your voice or music.
  • This application is the easiest and quickest way to hear yourself. Do not consider this just for fun.
  • People call this app; a mirror of sound.
  • Suppose you are learning a new language and want to hear how you sound while speaking that language. A practitioner can use this application to learn a new language.
  • This application helps give a speech, voice training, and music.
  • You can have fun by recording your friend purposelessly.
  • The echo app enables you to save the recorded files unlimitedly.
  • You can save the recordings externally and access them from the menu. The saved files are in an uncompressed form. This saving option makes sharing easy.

How does Echo App work?

Echo app work by adding echo and reverberation to your voice or any music file. After downloading this application from your play store, open the icon. After opening, you will see a screen that shows 3 options. One is the big red button with a Mic on it; it starts the recording. The second option is to stop the recording, and the third option is to replay the recording.

You will see a small start on the star on the screen; this saves the audio to internal storage. This way, you can share the recordings with other social media applications. There are 3 dots on the top right corner of the screen; they contain an internal copy of your recording, and the other features of editing and adjusting the pitches are there. You can edit your file by clicking on the small pencil and adding an echo in the recording. You can also share the audio directly from the app to other apps. Several other options on the screen include deleting the audio, restoring it, or saving it in internal storage.

Pros of Echo App

  • It enables you to listen to yourself as a sound mirror.
  • Can play recorded music multiple times.
  • While in echo mode, you can adjust the pitch and vibration of your given sound.
  • You can save and export these files to your friends by saving the files externally.
  • It works as a live Mic and adds reverberation and echo to the music.
  • The instant playback option is a plus.
  • It allows you to practice a language or helps check and correct your accent.
  • You can also practice singing on this app, which lets you know how you sound.

Cons of Echo App

  • The echo app can only record short messages. A long-duration recording is not compatible.
  • The application goes to sleep when the mic button is on.
  • There are specific bugs, such as being slow and sometimes getting stuck between recordings.
  • Updates are not very improving.
  • UI and accessibility tweaks are minor.
  • Voice lagging is sometimes there in the recordings.


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