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Spotify App Download For Android


Spotify is gaining tremendous popularity as everybody in this generation loves listening to music. Spotify is a mobile application through which you can play millions of songs for free. Android and iOS both support this application. For many people worldwide, Spotify is still the preferred music streaming service. That is no surprise.

You can now jam out to your favorite tunes at home, at work, or on the go with its simple download for all devices. Along with listening to millions of songs, you can also use this application to watch multiple podcasts originally uploaded on Spotify. Watch the space in this article to learn about this trending mobile application.


Spotify contains many unique features, including;

  • You will have complete access to the whole world of music.
  • You can listen to the songs of a particular artist or a separate album composed by any artist.
  • Spotify allows you to create your music playlist comprising all your preferred songs.
  • This app also contains ready-made playlists; you can play any list according to your mood.
  • You can play any music or any song anywhere.
  • Spotify also allows you to share your playlist with your friends.
  • You can also stream radio on any artist or genre.
  • You can also create a sharing playlist with your friends.
  • You can also stream videos and podcasts and search for live music.
  • It is clean and easy to use.
  • You have a wide variety of songs on Spotify.
  • It offers quality music no matter what the condition of your mobile is.
  • Spotify keeps track of your previous song choices and keeps you updated with the latest release of your favorite artists.
  • When you install the application, it asks you to select your preferred language of songs. So, it shows only relative content.

Perks of Premium Package on Spotify

You can also buy a premium package on Spotify that has many unique features allowing you to enjoy the app thoroughly. When you subscribe to the premium package, you can listen to your most-liked music without ads. You will be uninterrupted with ads if you study or dance while listening to music. No further commitments are involved in this premium package; you can cancel or withdraw the package anytime you want. The premium package enhances the music sound quality despite headphones or mobile speakers.

While opting for the premium package can also listen to music offline. This package allows you to pre-load the songs you want to listen to and then listen to them afterward without an internet connection. For your whole family, you can buy a premium package on Spotify for USD 14.99. The more people you add, the more you save. The premium package enables you to keep your playlist updated and upgraded.

Pros of Spotify

  • Spotify is straightforward to use. You can get started by simply registering after downloading your play store or apple store.
  • Spotify is also connected with Facebook, allowing you to share your playlist with friends. You can also share this music with your family and friends.
  • Along with listening to live music, you can also save up to 10,0000 songs on 5 multiple mobile phones. You can save them and listen to them later while offline.
  • Premium mode allows you to listen to music offline.
  • One of the main features Spotify gives you is its compatibility. It is available on all platforms, including android, iOS, Windows, Linux, MeeGo, Smart TV, PlayStation, etc.
  • You can listen to the library of songs containing over 40 million tracks even if you are a free or premium user.
  • Spotify also offers you a free trial in which you can use all features of Spotify free of cost.

Cons of Spotify

  • Spotify does not involve the lyrical feature; you cannot read the lyrics if you want to understand the song. To read the lyrics, you can use other apps for lyrics, including Genius’ Behind the Lyrics and Sound Hound.
  • Spotify can be a little expensive for some people. For an annual subscription, you will have to pay $120 for the premium service. Even if you are not using the application, you will have to pay monthly to continue the plan.
  • If you are a free user, you will experience poor sound quality compared to those with premium packages.
  • This application is not available in all countries.
  • Free users have to endure ads while listening to music.


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