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OnPhone – Second Phone Number 

OnPhone – Second Phone Number    

OnPhone is a latest development in the application world that allows you to keep a separate contact number that can be used for your personal business that too without having to buy a new sim.

You can also use this app to call and text outside the country without paying extra phone bills. This app is absolutely safe, by using this app you can select a custom number for yourself and can make private calls that will hide your identity.

Second phone number can also used for whatsapp. You can call countries like United States, Canada, United Kingdom UK, France, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Spain and many other countries.

If you don’t want to show your number, you can use this app without needing an additional SIM. This app makes calling swift and easy. There are several google apps for second phone number but OnPhone is one of the best apps to get second phone number.

When you are using second phone number and make a call or send a text message, this is done from your second phone number and your actual SIM number remains uninvolved. It ensures security and privacy by giving you an option to burn the number as soon as you are done with your work.

People use this app usually for business, work, online selling, shopping and many other purposes. When you need to talk to a person only once, and you don’t want him to trace you this app is the best available option.

Features of OnPhone – Second phone number

Features included in this app involve;

  • You can add different private number in your anonymous second phone number, it allows you to manage multiple lines in a single application.
  • You can get rid of these numbers anytime you want. This app allows you to burn the phone number after your work is done.
  • It supports calls, text and picture messages.
  • Second phone number has a collection of over 200 different local phone numbers and area codes vary including US and Canada.
  • When you burn a number and add another customized number, it comes with a new ringtone, auto-reply SMS and call forwarding settings.
  • This app allows you to keep your messages password protected and call history is also locked if you want to keep it private from others.
  • It also allows call recording, call forwarding, block calls and send to future to delay a call.
  • It also enables you to have a premium access plan to get unlimited access to unlock all the features of this app.

Subscription of Second Phone Number

There are multiple subscription offers for this application;

  1. You can opt a weekly subscription that will cost you $5,99 USD with a free 3 day trial
  2. It has annual subscription that costs $99,99 USD
  3. You can also go for a monthly subscription with charges $19,99 USD
  4. For another monthly subscription you will pay $13,99 USD.
  5. 3 month subscription will cost you $33,99 USD


These subscriptions can be continued if the auto-renew option is turned on. It can be turned off before 24 hours till the subscription goes off. If some of the portion of your free trial is not used, it will be forfeited when you buy a subscription.

Pros of Second Phone Number

  • Second phone number saves your money as you don’t need to buy an extra sim. It offers data plan at very cheap prices.
  • This application easily syncs with all your current devices and no user has ever complained about internet traffic when connecting with other devices.
  • It is very easy to manage, you can easily buy unlimited phone number under some package and manage them all in a single phone easily.
  • Second phone number is easy to install. It is just a click away and you are good to go.
  • Its premium access plan allows you to have 1 phone number free with renewable few coins along with other option including call forwarding, call recording, voicemail and PIN & Touch ID app protection.

Cons of Second Phone Number

  • It is only available for a few countries.
  • Sometimes, it has login issues.
  • To keep the number active, you will have to make 1 phone call or SMS per day.
  • You will have to renew the package 24 hours before the original package goes out every time.
  • Numbers are only recycled if they have been inactive for longer period than normal. You will get a warning to recycle.
  • The app get stuck sometimes.

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