IPhone 14 Launch and its specification

IPhone 14 Launch and its specification

People are very keen for new thing and they want to buy that thing when they know. Now it is time for those who love IPhone. When people know about these they are crazy about that and they want to buy early before it is so common. When it was announce that IPhone is going to be launch in September and people were crazy and they went to Dubai to buy IPhone 14 and they did booking of their phones and you know how crazy they are for IPhone 14 and what they do to buy these phones. We have reports that it will be launch in Dubai and People went there and to buy this phone and be the first person in his country to have this Phone. This is crazy and many people who do not use this phone do not understand the craze of this phone and people who shifted their phones to IPhone and they never think then of other phones. These phones are very expensive than other phones and they have announce four types and they have different specification and rates. They do not announce mini one because they know that IPhone 14 is same as mini that is why they do not announce of mini. I will be telling about this phone and what is better in it and how it will help you. It is very famous because of its camera.

You will love it’s everything. If you see it’s specification it will be different and it depends on you that how much budget do you have and in which specification you want to buy this phone. So we recommend this phone for you if you are blogger because you need good video and this mobile will provides you this thing and you will have the best result of the video.


The body is made of gorilla glass and its weight is 172 gram. It has a cover for water resistance. They have a curved shape at the edge of the body and that is amazing and that add more beauty to the phone and they have four types IPhone 14 , plus, pro and pro max and all are different in some ways. They have different screen size and weight.


They have different size display as IPhone 14 has 6.1 inch display and plus has 6.7 inch display and that is bigger in size. They have HD screen and are better than any phone that are launch till today and they have very high resolution.


They have different memory and as you select the higher memory you will see that its price increases and its RAM is 6GB and has different size of Memory that is 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. You must have more budget if you want to increase the memory.

It has IOS 16 software that is more advanced and phone is able to do multiple task because of its new technology.  They have selected good battery for it so you will be able to use phone for more time and you will be able to do more task with this phone.

We have reviewed the phone and it is better in function and performance and they have bring changes in it and it is good in camera and you can buy it with more memory to save more things in it. You will have a box where you will find a phone and data cable and SIM ejector.


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