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Clock Lock Secret Photo Vault

Everyone will have their privacy and he wants that no one will disturb his privacy, he hides his data and apps from others, the latest mobiles have the feature of hiding the apps and other important folders. But in the old versions of mobiles, there are no advanced privacy features. To fulfill these desires you install different types of ap locks, and hide apps, and folders. Having no safe folder to protect your privacy, add important documents, pictures, and videos. Anyone can pick up your mobile phone and check your personals. Sometimes your friends snatch your mobile and disturb you. Everyone wants some privacy features that protect his mobile phone data from others. If you install any hiding apps and media applications. Then it will also be risky. People will know that something is in a hidden folder or app. They try tricky ways to open this. But now you have not need to worry about that. Get rid of all these tensions. Different apps are launched that provide different tricky locks.

Install the “Clock Lock Secret Photo Vault” application. By using this application you can easily hide your media, and important files behind the clock. . No one will know that you hide your data behind the clock. Without your permission, nobody can unlock them.  No need to install any other app. This is an amazing app and completely new for people. Many people like the app format and app features. Protect your pictures, videos, documents, notes, and many other things under the clock.

You have not to need to worry about this application, this application will never disturb your privacy policy, that is it could not interrupt your personal information and never collects your data. this application is not too big in a size, and it is a lightweight application that could not harm your device storage not heavy on the device, and never drains the battery optimization. All features are designed without any kind of restrictions. This is one of the best applications. Over 100 k people are trusted and download this application. The developer may add some ads to it.

Steps to use the “Clock Lock Secret Photo Vault”  application:

This application will have an easy and simple format, that is easy to use. Here are the following steps to use this application.

  • Install the “Clock Lock Secret Photo Vault” application from the Google play store.
  • Open the app.
  • Click on allow to accept the permissions to allow access to the mobile phone.
  • Click on the middle button of the clock.
  • Set the password, PIN, or fingerprint password.
  • Confirm the Password.
  • Go to the gallery to add the photo to the vault.
  • In the same way, add videos to the vault.
  • Set up the application and enjoy the best features of the application.

Features and comforts of application:

This application will have amazing features and gives many comforts to the people. Here are the following features and comforts of the application.

  • Hide App icon, app icon disappears from your phone’s app screen so no one will know it exists.
  • Protect your privacy.
  • Completely safe and secure.
  • It acts like a vault and protects your personnel under the lock.
  • Secretly add pictures, videos, documents, and notes behind the calculator under the 4-digit password
  • Press at the middle button and the dealer will be open put the PIN and open your secret vault.
  • Provides you with an instant lock.
  • Also provides cloud space, and adds more data to the vault.
  • Keeps your data safe, never uploads to the server.
  • Automatically backup.
  • You can easily lock any album and separately lock each album.
  • Install the application and enjoy the best features of the application.


This application does not want any additional permissions. This is offered by “Cubetix Private Photo Vault” and released on Sep 9, 2020. This application may need some permissions to allow access to the mobile phone. Here are some permissions that may request access to the mobile phone.

  • Access to the camera to take pictures and record video.
  • Access to the microphone.
  • View wifi connection.
  • Access to the storage to read or modify the deleted content of the USB storage.
  • Access to the media files to read and modify the content or deleted content of the USB storage.
  • Run at startup.
  • Prevents your device from sleeping.
  • Reads calendar events.
  • Set wallpaper.
  • Close other apps.
  • Install shortcuts.
  • Draw over other apps.
  • Modify system setting.
  • Change network connectivity.




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