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Introduction to software

Software is always related with hardware and it is set of instruction, data or program that is used to operate computer is called software. It is very important and computer and mobile are nothing without this software and you must have software when you want to introduce hardware both are important and they both cannot operate without each other. Hardware is they physical part of computer while software does not exist in physical for but they are run in the computer with the help of hardware. There are many companies who have made their software and they give permission to those who have contract with them. Such as if you are using android mobile and you need android software and apple cannot give you permission to let you run their software in your mobile.

There are many examples and they both are connected with each other and every company has software to run their hardware. There are two categories in software and first one is system software and second is application software. System software is very important and it has to run all the system and application software has to run a specific application as if you download any player to run a video and that is application software and that help you to run specific software. There are many other types in software such as driver software that let ok the sound of your computer and graphics.

There are other software that are used to perform different tasks and let your work easier and they are must to run any hardware and they also provides security with these software so that your data must not leak. It was 1980s when computer was introduce and they sell software with hardware and they were present in CD and people take that and install in their computer. First it was given through Floppy disc and later come in CD and DVD and as it progresses and now it is available through internet and you can download these software through internet and they are free.

There are many types of software and we are introducing them to you one by one and you will be able to know that how many types of software are there and how they are important and where you can use them? so you now you know what is software and in the past how get it and now where it is available. There are software which you have to buy and you need to pay for it and some of them you can get it for free.

Application Software:

These are the software that are run in the computer for specific program and they are there to help you run your computer smoothly and make your work easier. This is not the main software and you need them to perform a specific job such MS Office, Photo Editor, Graphics card software and you can see that every software run a specific things and we need them as they are compulsory to do many single jobs and without these software it is not possible to perform these jobs. As if you want to edit any video and picture you need software for them and you must install software for graphic card and a video editor.

System software:

This is the software that is very important to run any hardware and hardware is nothing without this software and that cannot be run without this. We need this software to run computer and mobile. they provides platform for other software to be run in hardware as this software let you provides a display where you can run other software. The best software is OS and it is the best example and what you have in your hands that is perform by these software and you are able to run mobile and perform different tasks. If you want to run application software you must have first system software so you have display and run those programs which you want.

Driver Software:

This is very important and system software is incomplete without this software and this software have specific task and they have to perform those tasks and let operate the system software with all things ok. If you install new OS software and then you need to install software for graphic cards and sound and those software are called diver software. If you connect any device with your computer and you must install its driver than it will work in your computer until you do not install driver for that you will face problem and we let you know that you must have install software for every driver.


You need software that connect two software and that will be perform by this software and which is known as middleware software. This provides a link between software and you have to choose this software to work properly and this software provides that and let you do your work smoothly.

Programming software:

These are software that helps the people to develop new software. They used codes and tools to develop new things to solve problem. They are installing in the computer and then they work on these and let you prepare other software such as application software and some other work. They have done a lot of work and make you enable to do so many task and develop the technology so much and advanced that you might know about the people where they are and this is because of this type of software and they are working hard to do more work and make it easier for human being.

How these software’s work?

These are the instruction and data and direction given to a computer to perform a task. These are run and they need two kinds of software system software and application software. They are consist of different software and they have to be run by the people to do their specific jobs and they are easy and you must have that software for work which work you want to done. There are software that need internet and there some that do not need any internet and they will be run without internet and perform their task. You have to check which software you are installing in the computer and what they require and there are software that does not meet with your hardware so you cannot install them in your hardware and you must check before installing them in your device and every software has its requirement and they have to be fulfill to perform a task.


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