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People are keen to handle their social media accounts as they create many problems for them and they need a safe way where they can handle their account in the best way and it is now possible. You are always on your social media account and you want to download videos and see your friends stories and there might be such people and you want to see their posts and you do not want that your appearance should be shown to them.

We always want that people should not notice us on their accounts and you want to use it secretly. You might be thinking that how it is possible to be disappear on social media and you see their messages, stories and other things and you want to be not shown to them. it might be not possible for you and you might not know the method but you must not have to worry now we will tell about the app and you will be able to do those all the things that are mention above and you will be able to disappear from their accounts and you see their stories and download their videos and see their account but they will not judge you that you visit them and see their all things and your eyes are on them but they will be unable to see you and when they come to your accounts and you might be shown to them that you are offline and when they message you will be able to listen to them but they see that you did not listen their messages and this will show on their accounts.

You have to install this app and it will benefit you a lot. This app will provide you many special things. It will give you privacy and you will be online but it will show to the people that user is not using this account and you can download those things which you like. If someone posted a video and you want to save that with you this app will help you to download that video and you can save that forever as your memory. You might have many friends on Facebook and you do not want to show yourself to them and you want to see their stories but you want that your ID should not appear to them so you must have this app and it will hide you from and you will be able to be hiding from them.

This app has many features and some are shared with you and for more you have to go through the article. If you have long story and that cannot be upload on Facebook but this app will help you to upload long story. Facebook does not allow you to post long video but this app will post the video on Facebook. If you are searching in Facebook and you like any video and you can download that video through URL. You can point out those people who are mostly engaged with you and they will be on the top. It will enable you to delete all the post on one click and this option is not given. You can remove those friends who do not interact with you. You can easily see those friends who are inactive and you will not see them. This app is specially design for Facebook and provides many options that help you in Facebook. We have been through so many features of this app and we share almost all of them and hope you love this app and will install with these features.

The app is downloaded by 1 million people. It has 25k reviews and people love it and it has one problem and your ID might be detected that it is doing unusual things and they might delete your account. So you have to be very careful and sign in through QR code and that is safest way and you might be save from any kind of problem.  This app is easily available in play store and you can download it from play store and it will provides those all features that are mention above.


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