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Cameraless – Camera Blocker

The people who are using smart phone they might be concern with the security of their data. It is happened many time that people data is hacked and they are worried about those. There are many apps which you can install in their mobile and you know what they are doing and you can take their picture and it is very dangerous. People are finding solution for this problem and they did not find it and it happened with many people. We are here and want that we solve your problem and it is not easy to find such a hard thing easily.

It needs a lot of research and then you can solve this problem. As this problem is created by apps and you must find the solution in apps. Technology is so advanced and when there is a problem and there is always solution to that and you have to look around and observe the things and know what can solve your problem.

You might pay money and buy a software to protect your data and we will present in front of you free solution and you will be able to apply that to your new mobile and if you have an old mobile that might not solve your problem as this app only work with android 11 and applicable in this software.

There are many apps who claim that they will protect your mobile and it is not possible for them to protect your data for free and we have find this app after a lot of hard work and it will be free.


This app will block your camera and they will be unable to steal your data and this app will protect you from that app. this app will lock all cameras of the mobile and hacker will be unable to take picture and make videos for different purposes.

You might keep the data secretly and that might be very important and if you do not have protection it will be with others and they might use that against you. You have to be very careful while using smart phone and that is unsafe because you might install such app that is dangerous for your security. This app has many features and you can bock camera for one or a week and you can lock it with password this app support multi language.

You can block its camera per location and time. It is depending on you that how you use this app for your protection. This is very easy to hack your camera and that spy you and you have to install this app to lock them and people will be unable to spy you. This can be done through one click and it is possible. There two option enable and disable. You can apply those options anytime. You can do this manually and automatically. This app can save your battery and it is quick and you can uninstall in seconds.

This is how this app is useful and you can use it for this purpose and you will be save and no one can spies you when you install this app. it is extremely important.


You can easily install this app from play store and it downloaded by 500k people and it has 8 k reviews and people asked other to install this app as this app help them a lot and they want that this app secure other as well. It is possible but you must install this app in your device. So you will be secure from hacker and other who want to see your things.


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