Microsoft Teams Apk For Android

Microsoft Teams Apk For Android

As we know that our technology is increasing day by day. In this fast technology, mobile phones play an important role. We can do anything at any time. We can manage everything with the help of a mobile phone. We want everything online, online shopping, earning online, playing online, live video lectures, business meetings, etc. During the COVID-19 pandemic condition, there is nothing to do outside. Many people have lost in their business. Because offices are closed due to the lockdown. Study loss of students, because schools, colleges, and universities are close. To manage all these circumstances that find the platform. Where you can take live video lectures, business meetings, etc. There are different apps launched, which connect you to the platform online.

Install the “Microsoft Teams” application. This is one of the biggest platforms, that allow your business to communicate or have business meetings online. It offers you different services, chatting, video conference, application integration, and file storage, and also provides you the different business collaborations. Join the Microsoft classroom to attend the meetings. Set the timing chart of the meeting, users will read out the timing and come online to attend the meeting. It is really helpful In COVID-19 conditions. It allows you the online classrooms to attend online lectures at home. Set the schedule of the meeting, this will automatically start at a time. It also plays an important role to run our businesses at home, we can check the worker’s progress, call a meeting, and check the daily routine of the office. You can easily connect with anyone.

You have not need to worry about this application. This application will never disturb your privacy. Could not interrupt your personal information, that is pictures, videos, and other important documents. This application will collect your live meetings on the server and share them with the 3rd parties. Completely safe, and secure, that protects your privacy. This application is a lightweight application, not heavy on storage, and never harms your device. This application will never drain the battery power. This is one of the best and most usable live meeting applications. Users like and download the application. Over 100 million people installed this application and get benefits from it. The developer does not add any annoying ads to it. Ads free application, there are no advertising ads are add up by the developer.

Steps to use “Microsoft Teams” application:

This application will have an easy and simple format, that is easy to use. Here are the following steps to use this application.

  • Install the “Microsoft Teams” application from the Google play store.
  • Open the app.
  • Click on allow to accept the permissions to allow access to the mobile phone.
  • Sign in to the app.
  • Go to the calendar to set the meeting schedule.
  • At the end of the screen, click on the team icon.
  • Select or add the team that you want to add to meetings.
  • Set the name of your team and add descriptions or instructions for the teams.
  • Click on join to enter the meeting.
  • Set up the application and enjoy the best features of the application.

Features and comforts of application:

This application will have amazing features and gives many comforts to the people. Here are the following features and comforts of the application.

  • You will feel like you are sitting in your classroom.
  • ¬†Submit your daily assignment, homework, and business projects very easily.
  • Also, get feedback on your work, and check the daily progress.
  • You can easily manage your time.
  • You can do group work and teamwork on projects or assignments.
  • Provides you the features of a quick conversation with the team, and colleagues.
  • Improve communication skills and enhance collaboration.
  • You can check the online members.
  • Individually chats with the person, boss, or teacher.
  • You can directly share the files, and attach the file with chat.
  • You can do voice calls or video calls.
  • Stay connected anywhere and anytime.
  • Screen share feature is also available.
  • You can also store your important information.


This application does not want any additional permissions. This is offered by “Microsoft Corporation” and released on Nov 2, 2016. This application may need some permissions to allow access to the mobile phone. Here are some permissions that may request access to the mobile phone.

  • Access to the camera to take pictures and record video.
  • Access to the microphone.
  • View wifi connection.
  • Access to the storage to read or modify the deleted content of the USB storage.
  • Access to the media files to read and modify the content or deleted content of the USB storage.
  • Run at startup.
  • Prevents your device from sleeping.
  • Reads calendar events.
  • Set wallpaper.
  • Close other apps.
  • Install shortcuts.
  • Draw over other apps.
  • Modify system setting.
  • Change network connectivity.


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