Bigo Live – Live Stream Chat Apk For Android

Bigo Live – Live Stream Chat Apk For Android

Social media offers different entertainment platforms, like watching videos, live chating, live video chatting, etc. Bigo is one of the social apps and a big source of entertainment. Bigo is a social app for live streaming, which is owned by “Singapore”, which was founded in 2014, and is based on bigo technology. Bigo technology is owned by the “JOYY”, which is a chine’s company. Bigo technology is developed artificial intelligence and machine learning. Both of them are integrated into the application.

Bigo allows you live to stream, you can record your favorite moments, make friends from all around the world and live chat all around the world. This application is a big source of entertainment, you can enjoy the different music concerts over the world, enjoy the chatting and discussing the different strategies, a good platform to show your talent. Watch the live streaming of millions of singers, your favorite dancers, cooks, comedians, and many other entertaining live streamers.

This is the live streaming entertaining platform that provides you the level of comfortable joyness, no need to go anywhere too, the cinema, and watching television annoying brakes on television, watch everything at Bigo and enjoy the live streaming on it. Make videos and live streams, and share your activities with your friends and strangers gets. Entertain and inspire the people with your content and enjoy live streaming. No bound to sit at a specific place, broadcast video at anytime and anywhere.

You have not to need to worry about the security and privacy of this application. Bigo will never disturb your privacy and could not interrupt or steals your personal information. Bigo is a completely secure and safe application 800 million people trusted this application.
This application is not too large, not heavy on your mobile’s internal storage, and never drains the battery power. millions of talented broadcasters are trusted with this application and users also enjoy this source of entertainment. 100 million-plus people have installed this application.


Steps to use Bigo live streaming application:

This application will have an easy and simple format to use. Here are the following steps to use this application.

• Install the Bigo live application from the Google play store.

• Open the app.

• Create your account on Bigo, if you have already an account then log in to your account.

• Create a channel, set the name of the channel, and also set an image.

• Create a channel and live.

• For watching the lives of others, follow them or add up and watch her live streaming.

• Set up the application and enjoy the more features of the application.

Ways to make money on Bigo:

There are many ways to earn from it, but here are the 7 ways given below to earn from the bigo;

Teach people something you know:

The easiest way to teach people is through a video tutorial on an online platform. Video tutorials are popular at Bigo. Start a make-up tutorial video to teach the other girls, either if you are not a professional make-up artist but likes to watch your tutorials, make an artist can make $2000 to $3000 per year by showing your potential.

Play music for people:

Recently due to the pandemic condition, there are no concerts and music shows. People love to listening music. Show your music talent on Bigo and Bigo will pay you per day, it depends upon your potential and your effort. People will send you gifts, diamonds, and beans. Every 210 beans have worth $1.

Stream your life:

Everyone will have a different lifestyle from the others different life stories, good or bad experiences your life, share your daily activity and with people, attach people your life. Several vloggers filming their life share with people. Top vloggers make millions of dollars per year.

Give Video Game Walkthroughs:

Live with other people on the internet and play games. Creating a gamer community on Bigo is the most popular. Some expert gaming streamers earn $3000 to $5000 monthly.

Promote Your Products:

Another way to earn money is to promote your product. Many people show creative things like T-shirts, mugs, dresses, sketches, paintings, etc. People will be inspired by your creativity and want to buy your product, in this way you will start a small business at home. you can earn $2000 per month as a side business.

Get om:

This is a very popular way to make money on a live streaming platform. Promote other brands and company products, and they will pay for you. They will pay for you according to your followers.

Talk about current events:

Another way to make money on Bigo is a podcast, you have a microphone and headphone that acts like you are recording the podcast. Talk about the better events, take current topics to make which are most trending and people have an interest in them, selling sponsorships to the other sites. The best podcaster can roughly earn $900 per post.

Features of Bigo live streaming:

• Watch live streaming of your favorite persons, enjoy the music concerts, cooking, and many others in which you are interested.

• Live video chatting with different people, and interaction with different people all around the world.

• You can also drop the audio, make friends, and enjoy video streaming.

• Enjoy the live game streaming, play the most popular games and make fun with each other.

• Get the followers, make the fan following, make friends, and become an idol to others, go live.

• Apply different filters while video streaming.

• Install the application and enjoy the multiple features of the app.

• Recommended to people who:

• Enjoy the live streaming, watch live streams, and interact with the hosts in real-time.

• 400 million users use this application to watch streamings and also become streamers.

• Enjoy concerts all over the world.

• Live to chat.

• Watching games enjoy the video streaming of games.

• This is a big platform to show your talent.

• Audio conversation with friends and other people.

• You will never be bored while using this app.


This application is offered by Bigo technology, and released on Mar 10, 2016. This application needs permission to access the mobile phone:

Following are the permissions :

• This application may request access to the camera to take pictures and record videos.

• Access to the Storage to read and modify the content of the SD card.

• Read your contacts.

• Access to the location to find the precise location.

• prevents your phone from sleeping.

• Wants full network connection.

• Receive data from the internet.




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