Best SMS Receive Apk For Android

Best SMS Receive Apk For Android

We spend most of our free time chatting with people, friends, family, or relatives with the different chatting apps, WhatsApp, FaceBook, Instagram, and text SMS. SMS is mostly used when we have no internet connection, or when someone is offline. For any business work, salons appointment, doctor appointments, or orders from the restaurant we directly search it from Google and get phone numbers for SMS and call but you don’t sure about the other person has read your message or not.

Now you have not need to worry about that, this application has solved your problem you can send a message and also check that your message is seen by someone other and also send SMS directly from the app for free no additional charges. Add your favorite contacts to this application, this will provides you the complete security.

Best SMS Receive Apk For Android

This application will have an easy and simple format that is easy to use. You do not need to worry about this application. This application will never steal your personal information, provides you the complete security, and never interrupt your personal information. This application is like your personal inbox. This application is very lightweight and could not harm your device and never drains the battery power. The developer adds some ads to it.

Steps to use SMS Receive application:

• Install the SMS receive application from the Google play store.

• Open the app.

• Get the user’s phone number.

• Start the SMS received.

• Send the phone number to the server.

• Receive verification message.

• Send a one-time verification code to your server.

• Save the phone number with a smart lock and password.

• To check whether your SMS is checked or not, this application shows you the green box when online and the red box when offline.

• Install this application and enjoy the app with the great privacy features.

Features and comforts of Application:

This application provides you with a completely secure and private inbox to chat with different people from different countries. Here are some features and comforts of the application.

• Chat with other country people with no additional charges.

• Add your favorite contacts to the application if other apps are annoying you.

• Check whether the person is offline or online.

• Save numbers with different names or passwords.

• Use the refresh button to check new incoming messages.

• Send SMS within just a click.

• Also tells you the number of messages you receive, receiving ing timing, and shows you the separate messages of each contact.

• Mostly you order a meal from home and your order from different places, you order food and sometimes they do not respond to you, from this application, you will check it is your SMS is checked or not otherwise you order someone else.

• Install the application and enjoy the private and secure app.


This application is offered by MobSoft S.r.l and released on Jul 20, 2014. This application may need some permissions to access the application.

• Here are some permissions that may request access.

• Full network access.

• View the network connections.

• Change the network connectivity.


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