Make Money & Earn Cash Rewards Apk For Android

Make Money & Earn Cash Rewards Apk For Android

The game uses the pay-to-earn method which is also known as the “Pay to play to earn” model. The game participant uses cost to play the game and earn. Advance technology offers you different platforms, where you can earn money and get rewards by performing specific tasks. These platforms are also best for earning from the home or part-time.

Make money and cash rewards application is a platform, where you can earn, play games, and enjoy music. This application provides you with the source of information as well as cash rewards. Earn money with real cash and also enjoy the 100,000 plus music of radio stations. By using this application you can you can earn daily by playing music and playing games. Add music to your home or lock screen and easily manage it, no need to open the app again and again. Listen to the free music, and enjoy the free radio while driving. You can earn more from this application by inviting more friends.

Make money application has a simple and easy format. Just complete some gaming tasks and earn daily. No need to worry about this application, this application is completely safe and will never interrupt your data or personal information. Not large so it does not harm your device’s internal storage and never drains the battery power. You can add your mobile account to get a cash prize, use it for recharge, and many other purposes. Users will have positive reviews about this application, the developer may add some ads to it. Install the application and enjoy the many more features the application.

Steps to use the make money application or make methods to make money online:

This application will have an easy and simple format to use. Here we learn about the best options to make money from the mobile application.

• Install the Make money and Earn cash rewards application from the Google play store.

• Open the app.

• Accept the permissions to access the one to mobile.

• Go to the home page and fill in the specific information and start up your task.

• Advertising, subscriptions, selling merchandise, In-app purchases, and transaction fees are the steps to earn from the mobile application.

• Play games and enjoy music.

• Set up the application and enjoy the features of the app.

Features or comforts of application:

This application is a source of entertainment and earning money application, earn enjoy in one platform. Here are some features and comforts of the application.

• By playing games and listening to music many radio stations perform specific tasks and earn.

• Get instant cash for shopping.

• Make money bonus and different modes of saving money.

• You will be paid by playing games and playing music.

• Earn gift cards and invite more friends and get a bonus on it.

• Watching short videos or ads to earn extra rewards.

• Also earn cash by playing your favorite music.

• You can earn up to600$ or more per year.

Data safety:

Accept all the permissions carefully and then allow them access to the mobile phone, because data security privacy varies on you and how you use it.


This application is released on Aug 28, 2018. Application may request to accept permissions to access the mobile. Here is some permission that may need to access the mobile phone.

• Access to the camera to take pictures and record videos.

• Read your contacts.

• Find your approximate location or precise location.

• Read the phone call status and identity.

• Read and modify the deleted content of storage that is access to the storage.

• Read phone status and identity.

• Receive data from the internet.

• Advertising ID.

• Pair with Bluetooth devices.

• Change your audio setting.

• Control vibration.

• Prevents your phone from sleeping.

• Run foreground services.

• Wants full network access.




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