Whatsapp 5 New Features 2022

The most famous mobile messaging app has several tricks to help you use it more effectively. The first is to turn on flight mode. If you’re on airplane mode, you won’t see any blue ticks that indicate that you have read any messages. Then, you’ll be able to change your profile picture by speaking instead of typing it. If you’re a member of a group, you can change the members’ profile pics.

top 5 whatsapp tricks

Another trick is to make your text bold by using asterisks. You can make a single word bold or multiple words bold by placing asterisks next to the word you want to emphasize. You can also do this on your WhatsApp calendar by tapping on a message, or by double tapping on a message. This won’t use data, but it’s very handy. It makes it much easier to send and receive messages from people who don’t know how to use the keyboard.

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One way to make text bold is by using asterisks. You can do this with single words or a whole sentence. It’s the easiest way to change your messages’ formatting without having to do it manually. However, if you’re using WhatsApp for business, you can use this trick to keep tabs on your employees. If you don’t want your colleagues to read what you write, you can make it bold by inserting an asterisk in the text. This will also enable you to see what your employees are doing.

Whatsapp new features

Another cool trick for WhatsApp is to make any message bold. It is possible to type in a comment or reply to the message. To do this, you can click on the three vertical dots next to the message and type in the message. This will mark the message as starred and hide it from your contacts. You can also disable auto-downloading of images to your contacts’ phone. There’s one more trick that you should try: stop using emojis for making your text bold. You can also put your friend in the group as a group.

You can also make your text bold by using asterisks. Assigning asterisks to words will make the text appear bold and stand out. This will prevent your text from being read by your partner and will make your conversations more personal. This is an essential tip for anyone who uses WhatsApp to stay organized and save their data. And it’s also great for those who love to save time and have fun on the app.

Whatsapp 5 new features 2022

To make your text bold, you need to place asterisks in front of it. This will make it appear larger when you scroll down your list of chats. You can also use asterisks to add multiple words bold. You can also use a special symbol to mark certain words as bold. When you type a word or phrase, you’ll see that the asterisks appear in a different color, so that the message will stand out more in the list.

The second trick is to make the text bold on WhatsApp. This is particularly useful when you’re sharing quotes with friends and family. To make the text bold, you need to place an underscore (_) before the word and after the word you’re sending. Then, you can add more asterisks to other words. Similarly, you can apply asterisks to your text by copying a single string.

Aside from deleting messages, you can also hide them by setting the time limit for them to disappear. This way, you can prevent them from affecting the rest of your conversations. If you want to send a message to someone and you don’t want them to delete it, you can simply mark it as “Archive” and it will automatically disappear after seven days. If you want to send a message that won’t disappear, just follow the instructions below.

Whatsapp new features 2022

The next trick is to use a spoofing application. This will allow you to send a message that disappears after a few days. The app allows users to set the time limit so that messages will disappear after a certain period of time. It also allows them to make text bold by typing the word ‘today’ or ‘tomorrow’ in a sentence. While this isn’t a legal trick, it is still a great way to use WhatsApp in the most convenient way.

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