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Dumpster: Photo/ Video


Dumpster: Photo/ Video Recover is an Android Mobile Application that allows you to recover your deleted data. It acts like a recycle bin in windows. Unlike Computers, Android mobile phone users do not have recycle bins on their mobiles. So how could you recover your data if you have deleted it?

Dumpster allows you to recover all types of data: videos, text messages, songs, documents, and pictures. To recover your data, you have to select which data you want to recover and then confirm it.

You need to make one or two touches on your screen, and you will get all your data back on your mobile. This Application lets you get your data in pdf, doc, mp3, mp4, and jpg forms. Dumpster is a very simple and easy to use App. It helps you to get back data you accidentally deleted.


  • The Dumpster App works very speedily.
  • It easily backup your Android media files.
  • The Dumpster App provides excellent security features which protect your files.
  • It has flexible cloud storage.
  • It always makes sure that your files remain safe and sound.
  • The Dumpster App has an auto-clean feature that automatically deletes all of your data from recycle bin after 30 days.
  • The auto-clean option prevents the recycle bin from bloating to allow space for newly deleted files.
  • Auto-Clean of Old deleted files can be scheduled.
  • It grows the recycle bin size as a requirement for deleted files.
  • In Dumpster, recovering is very straightforward and instantaneous.
  • It can effortlessly recover your Apps also.
  • An Internet connection is not a requirement for Dumpster.
  • Dumpster Application provides you with lock screen capabilities.
  • Dumpster App also has a premium account feature.
  • There is no need to root your device for Dumpster, but if you do, it will improve your mobile’s performance.
  • It provides you with aesthetic designs and themes.

How can you use Dumpster:

Photo/ Video Recover App?

If you have successfully downloaded the Dumpster Application, its usage is also not problematic. You only have to touch its screen 2-3 times, and you will quickly get your data back. To get all your files back, follow the instructions:

  • Open the Dumpster Application.
  • You will see a ‘’Free Trial’’ page on the screen; cancel it, or connect your debit card with it.
  • Now the recycle bin will open on your screen.
  • Your all-deleted files, images, videos, and audio will be in recycle bin.
  • If you want to restore your videos, open the videos folder and click OK; all videos will return to your mobile gallery.
  • The same procedure is for the remaining files; you have to select your desired files and click on the Ok button, and all files will shift back to your mobile.

Pros of Dumpster: Photo/ Video


  • Dumpster helps you to get your files and applications quickly.
  • Cloud storage saves storage space in your mobile.
  • You can get your data instantly within 2 minutes.
  • You can send any file from the gallery or file manager to Dumpster using ‘’Share,’’ or ‘’send to.’’
  • It provides quick and easy access to deleted files.
  • You can select any theme and design from Dumpster for your mobile.
  • You can get any of your data, like files, documents, audio, video, or text messages.
  • The Dumpster Application allows home-screen shortcuts.
  • It allows you to swipe images and videos inside a folder.

Cons Dumpster: Photo/ Video


  • Dumpster’s free version ads are very annoying.
  • Sometimes not successfully recover the whole data.
  • It costs $30 every month, which is a very high amount.
  • Sometimes it does not recover your data, and money was already charged.
  • A deep scan sometimes shows data that does not belong to your phone.


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