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Hi Translator – Chat Translator is known as Online Translator. It is much more powerful than you know. It can translate any image and text from any social media platform, like, as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, and Hike. It is handy; if you cannot understand any language of any other country, download Hi Translator – Chat Translator; it can translate any image and text into any other language you want.

Now, understanding other languages are not as difficult as you thought. It is just one click away. Hi Translator – Chat Translator is the world’s first Translator that offers cross-application translation.

Hi Translator – Chat Translator starts translating and focuses on different language translations between different applications. Its only aim is to allow people to learn each other’s language quickly. It is a premium among the translating tools that connect people all around the world.

Hi Translator – Chat Translator has two products that offer real-time voice, text, and image translation. It is a free language translator that translates almost 56 languages, including English to Hindi, Hindi to English, English to Marathi, and Marathi to English, etc.


  • It supports multiple social media translations.
  • It can translate any chat on any platform.
  • Hi Translate App can quickly translate in any App with the floating ball.
  • It can translate any word or phrase.
  • Hi Translator – Chat Translator automatically recognizes and translates the text of any image.
  • It can recognize 18 different languages.
  • Hi Translate has the ability to real-time Translate both text and voice.
  • It can translate even in an offline mood.
  • Hi translate does not has a network limit.
  • Simultaneously translate the sentences while talking with any foreigner.
  • It can be installed on almost all devices.
  • Unique optimization for the Indian language.
  • It has clipboard text translation.

How does Hi Translator – Chat

Translator work?

Hi Translator – Chat Translator is a tool that can easily translate almost 18 different languages. It can easily translate English to any other language and any other language to English. Not only English it can translate any language to any other language, so you do not have to worry about how you would contact other people in another language.

We cannot imagine a world without barriers. Today, people can text each other without worrying about being misunderstood. Strangers and unknown persons can understand each other’s language without speaking it, and drivers can easily understand where their passenger wants to go. These are all the benefits of downloading Hi Translate on your devices. It helps us in many ways; however, you want to translate your language.

If you are wondering about the usage of Hi Translate, then here is the complete detail for all of you:

  • If you still do not have Hi Translate on your device, download it from the links.
  • Method-1: Drag the floating ball to the Chat-bubbles Content, and with just one click, the content you want to get translated into your desired language.
  • Method 2: In the input box dialogue, write any language you want to translate, and then drop the floating translating ball into the box; your text gets translated.
  • Method 3: Double-click on the translation ball or global translation if you want to translate the entire App page. The whole page that you want will get translated into your desired language.
  • Method-4: If you want clipboard text translation, copy the text first and tap on the floating ball; the entire text will get translated into another language.

Pros of Hi Translator – Chat


  • It can translate any language in just a second.
  • You can use it on any device.
  • When you cannot understand the language of any other foreigner, it helps you to understand their language.
  • You can quickly deliver your concepts and words to other people.
  • It helps you a lot in business deals with your customers or dealers.

Cons of Hi Translator – Chat


  • It sometimes gets stuck during translation.
  • After the update, it sometimes disappoints its users because of slow working.
  • Sometimes it asks for translation permission again and again, which is annoying.




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