Month: October 2022

Fonts Keyboard Download App

Fonts Keyboard is a different writing style keyboard with various emojis and gifs, which helps you create a unique Instagram. Free text styles of 100+ symbols, beautiful, stylish fonts, and emojis can be applied to your mobiles to experience different text styles on your devices. No one, whose using an android phone can ignore fonts

Eyecon Caller ID Number Finder Apk For Android

Eyecon Caller ID Number Finder Eyecon Caller ID Number Finder helps in finding any number you enter. It also helps in screening caller IDs and blocks spam calls. It gives the intuitive default dialer with full-screen photos. When you receive a call, it helps find and trace the caller’s information and brings it to your

Google Sheets Apk Download For Android

Google Sheets Google sheets allow you to edit, create and collaborate on spreadsheets on your mobile phones. This feature was previously limited to windows and laptops, but you can access all the features of google sheets in your pocket. It is a version of the official google spreadsheet tool that works effectively on android mobile

AI Grammar Checker for English

AI Grammar Checker for English As the name suggests, AI Grammar Checker for English detects grammatical errors in a file. It can be any file containing academic English papers, proofreading official e-mails, social writing, or applying for a business and creating a business plan to present in a meeting. AI Grammar Checker for English will

Pinterest Apk For Android

Pinterest Pinterest is an application that allows you to “pin” your “interests.” Pinterest allows for exploring inspiration. This app is a social media service that helps you to share multiple images on social media and discover information and ideas on the internet. Plenty of trending GIFs, animated videos, and pictures follow the latest trend. Pinterest

Echo Apk For Android

Echo Echo is a basic audio recorder with immediate playback. The voice-echo effect is now optional. Press the record button to create a recording, then let go to hear it play again. An echo voice recorder helps you record your voice or any music file, and you can instantly play it. You can play that

Microsoft Translator Download Apk For Android

Microsoft Translator When you are in a foreign country and don’t know the language, Microsoft Translator helps you translate on the spot. This android application provides a host with user-friendly tools that offer quick and reliable results. It is a free translator app that helps you translate 70 different languages. This app can do wonders

Spotify App Download For Android

Spotify Spotify is gaining tremendous popularity as everybody in this generation loves listening to music. Spotify is a mobile application through which you can play millions of songs for free. Android and iOS both support this application. For many people worldwide, Spotify is still the preferred music streaming service. That is no surprise. You can

OnPhone – Second Phone Number 

OnPhone – Second Phone Number     OnPhone is a latest development in the application world that allows you to keep a separate contact number that can be used for your personal business that too without having to buy a new sim. You can also use this app to call and text outside the country without paying

Oops AppLock Apk For Android

Oops AppLock Everyone is conscious of their mobile’s security, everyone will want that no one will disturb their mobile security or open their mobile without their permission. Sometimes will your friends borrow you, and use your mobile without your permission. Everyone will want a security password, some old version mobiles will not have the features